Alastair Campbell on Starmer, Sunak, and Saving Britain From Itself

Alastair Campbell on Starmer, Sunak, and Saving Britain From Itself

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Alastair Campbell knows a thing or two about creating change in British politics. Often described as the second most powerful figure in Britain during the Blair years, he was pivotal in leading New Labour to victory in 1997 and worked alongside Blair as his closest confidant and strategist through three terms in power. In recent years Campbell has become a podcasting sensation as the co-host of The Rest is Politics podcast, dissecting what’s gone wrong in British politics – and more – with former Conservative Party minister Rory Stewart.  

On February 5 he comes to Intelligence Squared to discuss what to do about the chaos of current British politics. He will explore what he sees as  the radicalisation of the Tory party and whether Keir Starmer has what it takes to be the first Labour leader since Tony Blair to lead Labour into government. He will also discuss the ‘Centrist Dad’ label that has been attached to him by the media and to centrist politicians like Starmer himself: has the time now come for centrists to take control of Britain?


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