Bella Union's Winter Wonderland

Sat 11 Dec 2021 - 7:00pm



Deep Throat Choir

Deep Throat Choir has been going since 2013, formed by Luisa Gerstein, we started with a simple desire to get together once a week and raise our voices together, to strip music down to just vocals and drums, and to rework the words and melodies of other artists like Sylvan Esso, Electrelane, Wildbirds and Peacedrums, MK, and Amy Winehouse into something of their own. There were five to begin with and now they are thirty. Singing together every week, usually in a circle, is still the most important thing they do.

C Duncan

Glasgow’s C Duncan, is the son of two classical musicians. Surrounded by music throughout his childhood, Christopher initially took up piano and viola. His teens led him to school bands, learning to play guitar, bass and drums, but did little to quell his fascination with the composition and performance of classical music. He eventually enrolled in Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama to study music composition, where his pieces were performed by various ensembles across the UK. To hear C Duncan’s music now is to grasp those two common threads between his interests in classical and modern music. The pieces that made up his 2015 Mercury Music Prize nominated debut LP 'Architect' were formed from lush choral harmonies and acoustic instrumentation, textured like contemporary dreampop and all recorded at home in Glasgow on his bedroom studio setup, gradually built up one layer and one instrument at a time. His 2016 follow-up 'The Midnight Sun' continued in a similar vein but with progression. The results of this methodical and isolationist recording process give us charming lo-fi folk with the harmonic width of choral composition, the sweetness of barbershop and the rough eloquence that has so readily soundtracked Glasgow over the past decades.

Laura Groves

Supremely talented singer songwriter with delicate voice, guitars and melodies.