Colin Stetson

With a physical build somewhere between that of a yogi and a cage fighter, the American multireedist has built a solo career on eye-poppingly punishing live performances. Stetson’s circular breathing technique, which allows him play continuously without so much as a pause, takes a relentless toll on his body across this 70-minute performance – his neck veins protrude viciously, his cheeks turn a furious shade of puce, and his eyes are clenched shut, with only the rare glance up above, as if to summon some divine strength. And with the humongous bass sax hanging around his neck, the challenge only intensifies.

Stetson’s versatility is astounding tonight, as you’d expect from a musician who’s done everything from reinterpreting the symphony of Polish composer Henryk Gorecki, to collaborating with Arcade Fire and TV on the Radio.

While others may reach into the same places as he does for inspiration, no-one else brings it into the light with such urgency, zeal and persistence as Stetson.“ (Jochan Embley)



Hailed by the Guardian for her “thunderous bass-guitar hooks’, Ruth Goller is a bassist, vocalist, composer, environmentalist and solo artist. 

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