Estas Tonne with Michael Shrieve

Sat 19 Nov 2022 - 7:00pm

Estas Tonne’ tour-2020 is dedicated to an amazing phenomenon – a special state of revelation that comes each time, when perception interacts with creativity, pushing the boundaries of our inner, spiritual landscape.Being the most “immaterial” and intangible Art, Music has a powerful awakening impact on our inner “optics”, or VISION.In this regard, every sound-journey by Estas Tonne is an incredible opportunity to see ourselves, as well as the entire Creation in a new, wider perspective.

The duo-performance with legendary Michael Shrieve will become a kind of hallmark of Estas Tonne “Vision”-tour. Michael Shrieve is known to many people as Santana’s first drummer who recorded band‘s all 7 major albums. He is also famous as one of Woodstock’s youngest participants in 1969. He was recording and playing with the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, David Crosby, John McLaughlin, Bill Frisell, Fredy Hubbard, as well as many other prominent names of the last century.

For the first time, the musicians met each other in Seattle on November 20, 2018 and it sounded as if they had been always playing together. The concert hall that gathered the audience of each artist, in a moment turned into a single organism, which was vividly reacting to every turn in their impetuous supersonic flight.t was obvious that two epochs met each other on the stage: two different epochs that merged into oneness when touching eternally live source of Music.

*** N.B. The parameters known as 20/20 that are used in some parts of English-speaking world to refer to the normal visual acuity create a symbolic synchronization with both the current year and the name of the tour.