Ingrid Michaelson

Mon 21 Nov 2022 - 7:00pm

Ingrid Michaelson, born 8th December, 1979, is a indie pop singer-songwriter, and talented multi-instrumentalist. The New York based half Swedish, half American’s unique sound showcases her talent on the guitar and piano, as well as her vocal abilities.

Michaelson began her Career at a young age, playing the piano, before beginning her professional training with a degree in theatre at Birmhamton University. Before her solo career took off, she was a member of a University a cappella group, with which she was heavily involved. Michaelson refers to her University days in her song The Hat, which can be found on her 2006 album, Girls and Boys.

Michaelson first emerged into the industry through her Myspace page, when the producer of TV Drama Grey’s Anatomy came across her music, which led to her signing with Original Signal Records. Since then, she has released 4 albums, bringing her total number of studio LP recordings to 6. Her album Human Again entered the album charts at number 5, securing Ingrid Michaelson to play several prestigious venues, and also a US, and World tour, all of which were sold out almost every night.

Her music has been critically well received, and her collaborations with artists such as Marshall Altman have gained her much attention. The song Parachute that she co-wrote with the artist in fact went on to be covered by Cheryl Cole, giving yet more mainstream exposure. With another album in the pipeline, it shouldn’t be too long before another fantastic album hits the shelves.