Currently Oysterband consists of founder members John Jones (vocal, melodeon), Alan Prosser (guitars, vocal), and Ian Telfer (violin, keyboard, vocal) with Dil Davies (drums), Al Scott (bass guitar, mandolin, vocal), and Adrian Oxaal (cello, guitar, vocal).

At first - around 1978 - purely a dance band ("The Oyster Ceilidh Band"), we soon started experimenting with radical arrangements of traditional songs and with home recording, and even put out 4 albums in the early 80s. These sound harmless enough now, but at the time their home-made, try-anything attitude was controversial. We were determined that traditional music should not be just a branch of the heritage industry.

Other musicians came and went. The name shortened to The Oyster Band. We began to learn how to write songs. In 1985 we met a new roots-music label, Cooking VinylStep Outside (1986), with Ian Kearey on bass and Russ Lax on drums, was their first release. We went on to make 9 studio albums with them.

Stage Times

19:00 Doors

20:00 Oysterband

20:45 Interval

21:15 Oysterband



*You Must Have A General Admission Ticket For This Show To Gain Entry For Dinner*


Slow cooked lamb with sweet spices and broad bean and dill rice

Roast aubergine & coconut curry (vegan)

Courgette, carrot's and barberry tart

Roast pepper, red onion & cheddar quiche 

Cauliflower, sesame & Parmesan bake 

All served with selection of salads