Pedro Abrunhosa

Fri 11 Nov 2022 - 7:00pm

Pedro Abrunhosa came to music through the erudite path. When he began to play jazz, he was already a jazz scholar. His musical journey began at 16, studying with Álvaro Salazar and Jorge Peixinho at the Porto School of Music and, later, with Cândido Lima at the Conservatory. By then, he was a member of the Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Madrid. He studied and played with Todd Coolman, Joe Hunt, Wallace Rooney, Gerry Nyewood and Steve Brown and then with Adriano Aguiar and Alejandro Erlich Oliva, his double bass masters. 

Touring the world, participating in international seminars, forming bands and playing in orchestras, he has collaborated with great figures like Paul Motion, Bill Frisell, Joe Lovano, David Liebman and Billy Hart. He taught double bass at the Lisbon Hot Club school, founded the Porto Jazz School, the “Cool Jazz Orchestra”, the “Máquina do Som” and the “Bandemónio”, a group entirely made up of his students. In 2005, he established Boom Studio, endearingly known as the cathedral of silence. 

Unlike many others, his musical path went from the most complex to the simplest, towards the purification of language, towards the essence of things. Pedro Abrunhosa has travelled the musical and the physical world with a backpack full of history and rigour. He has something to say to his audience and they understand. His pact with the multitudes has never been broken. 

Pedro Abrunhosa, traveller, writer, man of stage par excellence, is on the road again. Now he doesn't take his backpack or seek adventures alone. In his luggage, only his songs and for company, the immense public that he draws.


Three Golden Globes

Bordallo Press Prize

Four Blitz Awards

Gold Medal of Cultural Merit by the Gaia Municipality

SPA Prize - Pedro Osório

Four Nova Era awards, 

Play Vodafone Award, 

Prestígio Nova Gente Award

Best RCL Composer Award

Golden Telemobile Award

Arco-Iris Ilga Award

Rádio Alvor-Best National Album

Rotary Distinction - Professional of the Year 

… and many more!