Exploring crises in Sudan, Myanmar, and Tigray.

Unheard Voices in Global Politics

Doors 18:30, start 19:00.


The concerns of the most marginalized people in our world are often segregated along political lines under the British context, and we have left out many concerns of those who ask for solidarity.

Does solidarity with refugees, for instance, see people as only that, or are they coming from the contexts of Tigray, Sudan, Myanmar, Palestine, Iran, with their own varied concerns and ideas, yet with a shared ultimate desire of freedom for their communities.

In our sweeping analysis of the ways in which systems undermine freedom, do we unwittingly abstain from a responsibility towards individuals in communities, and do we avoid listening to the voices of the disaffected themselves?

In this event, we will look at some human rights situations which are consistently left out in UK media, and listen to people who understand the situations facing their communities.


Speakers and organizations

Julie Khine will be representing Stars of Myanmar Friendship, an organization which is in solidarity with Burmese resistance fighters currently fighting against the military junta in Myanmar.

Welella, chair of Tigray Youth Network, will speak on the current genocide situation in Tigray. Following the conflict between Tigray and Eritrea/Ethiopia, the Tigrayan people have been facing famine as a consequence of starvation being used as a weapon on war against them.

We will also have a speaker coming to talk about the situation in Sudan, through London for Sudan. The situation in Sudan has recently blown up into a full scale war. Speaker to be confirmed.

This event will include introductions, and discussion / Q&A.