FREE Event

Women in Palestine, Iran, and Afghanistan

Wednesday 6th March at Union Chapel
18:30 Doors, 19:00 Start

Tickets are FREE

Protests about the abuses of human rights against women have increased in Iran and in the UK. The rights of women in Afghanistan have fallen greatly after US and UK forces pulled out of the country in 2021.

On the other hand, UK and US backed Israeli forces are committing human rights atrocities which in many ways disproportionately harm women. In Gaza currently, many women are having to flee bombs whilst pregnant, and give birth under relentless circumstances.

Halaleh Taheri is an ex-freedom fighter from Iran, who took part in the 1979 revolution against the Shah, and later against the Islamic Republic, putting herself in great danger for the sake of justice and freedom. She later moved to the UK and founded MEWSO, of which she is now the Executive Director, a UK based organisation exclusively for Middle Eastern women.

We will also be joined by three speakers from Afghanistan who came via the government’s citizen resettlement scheme, whom we were introduced to through Islington Together’s Refugee and Migrant Service.

A speaker will also be attending from Palestine through the Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association, telling of what the situation is like there for women in this time of unimaginable suffering for Palestinians.

We will not be allowing any filming or photography at this event.

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