Big Give

Big Give

Thank you to everyone who donated to have it matched by Big Give! You helped us smash our £20,000 target to raise £20,356 together!

Our Big Give Appeal ended midday 26 March 2024

If you still want to donate to Union Chapel, you can pick one of our causes here.

Our vision is to be an inspirational home for all communities; where arts, culture, heritage and social justice activities work in Union. We are determined to keep our Grade I & II* listed buildings open to all to provide inclusive opportunities to access high quality arts and services.

Union Chapel is home to an award-winning venue, a world-renowned organ and education programme, a radical working church, and a frontline homelessness charity The Margins Project.

"Union Chapel is not just a venue; it is the centre of the hub. It is a community organisation. It is a space of belonging." - Amanuel, Head of Margins 

Help us deliver our pioneering Arts for Social Justice Programme - using community-led arts & creativity as a powerful vehicle for social change - inviting all to make a difference for a better tomorrow. 

Artists supporting art as we hear of musicians' experiences of Union Chapel and why they're behind our Arts For Impact Appeal...

“Union Chapel is a very special place because, as well as being one of the best venues in the word, it runs important community outreach programmes. Let’s keep this amazing venue open and let them do the wonderful work they do in the community as well.” - Frank Turner, award-winning musician


"Union Chapel has been hugely supportive for us over the many years that we’ve been coming back. It has this unique blend of being a grassroots venue that nurtures local talent and also at the same time a hugely prestigious and beautiful venue that has seen some of the biggest and best names over the years and continues to do so. In a time of cuts to arts funding it falls to all of to support these institutions to help them survive and thrive." - Arthur Jeffes, Penguin Cafe


"Union Chapel is a very special and unique venue where I have performed 2 of the greatest shows of my career. The fact that they also impact and inspire the local community and through art, music and education is something that I happily give my complete support to." - OKIEM, award-winning musician


“Over the years, I have found playing Union Chapel to be the loveliest of all show experiences. They take such care to give the artists and performers a good experience. You feel valued, and like you can put on your best show. I’ve also been an audience member at the Chapel, and have felt the equal care the team show to those sitting in the pews. There is a sense that the space is being filled with positivity, and its potential is being realised at all times for community and the arts. It’s a real wonder, I’m proud to be associated with it.” - Emma-Lee Moss, musician and songwriting workshop facilitator



We’ve proven that joining community voices together benefits all; 

  • Free drama workshops and live show tickets for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness. 
"The chance to express myself and improve my assertiveness skills. I couldn't participate if it wasn't free! Very enjoyable and lucky to have you all" - Creative campaigning workshop participant 
  • Community Creative Leadership Development, empowering community members with lived experience of systemic inequalities with the skills, networks and tools to become creative campaigners igniting social change locally that led to councils to make firm policy and activity commitments regarding mental health and gender representation. 
"I thoroughly enjoy the mix, the people, the enthusiasm, the talent, the willingness to share lived and creative experience" - Legislative theatre workshop participant 
  • Setting the stage for live performances and networking for underrepresented young talent facing barriers into a career in the music industry. 
“Playing Union Chapel was a huge dream of mine. As an emerging artist it’s really important to have venues that allow you to play support slots so hopefully this is something that myself and other emerging artists are able to do more of” - Ashaine White - New Voices' Talent Competition finalist 
  • Free and subsidised organ programme and genre-breaking Organ Reframed festival working with over 3500 children, provided over 530 free organ lessons, and supported composers of all ages and abilities to produce new works. 
“To have the opportunity to build on the organ’s rich history and bring it to the attention of a new generation is incredibly exciting” - Claire M Singer, Music Director of the Organ 
  • Brought together artists, joiners, filmmakers and more to break down barriers in a heritage workshop for all, enabling education of traditional building techniques and discover local history. 
"It was a great privilege to meet so many nice people from diverse backgrounds and it was inspiring to see everyone working together." - Sunday School Stories Workshop participant
  • Creativity through culinary skills in The Margins Project’s paid catering training for people with lived experience of homelessness, addiction and/or the criminal justice system, as a unique springboard to long-term employment & independence. 
"I always look forward to going to work there. Before, I did not want to get out of bed, but because of them I have built up my confidence. This is a good project, and I will always be thankful." - Trainee



By donating to our Big Give Arts for Impact campaign, you’re helping us develop our programme and deliver more culture, knowledge, power and social value by offering; 

  • Upskilling by high profile artist and industry leaders. 
  • Opening our space to co-create arts, heritage and creative campaigning productions. 
  • Unleashing community creativity to impact social change plus boost confidence, aspirations and wellbeing. 
  • Empowering and inviting those who would not normally access or engage within culture or heritage. 
  • Providing skills development opportunities in arts production, programming and events roles for young people and underrepresented community members, harnessing our unique set of skills, talent & connections in-house.. 
  • Transform our Sunday School Hall into a flagship community-led arts & heritage hub, unlocking legacy and diverse arts for all to create, learn, connect, and thrive. 
  • Let’s reduce loneliness and share more arts, culture, education, opportunities, and heritage together; to build inclusive, resilient and more equal communities. 


Demonstrated impact of arts & creativity on civic engagement, community cohesion & wellbeing: Improved mental health and wellbeing: participating in arts activities demonstrated as directly boosting communities’ fulfilment and aspirations –with participants 38% more likely to report good health; cognitive abilities increased by up to 17%; Participation in structured arts activities is demonstrated to develop new skills and behaviours; for students from low-income families, to increase educational attainment by 300%, employability and job retention; propensity to volunteer by 200%; to vote by 20%. 

(Cultural Learning Alliance, The Case for Cultural Learning, 2017; Arts Council England, The Value of Arts & Culture to People & Society, 2014).