SundaySchoolStories | Heritage Workshop | Victorian Stage

SundaySchoolStories | Heritage Workshop | Victorian Stage

25 January 2024

Last week, our creative community came together to help us build a Victorian Stage recently rediscovered in our archive of hidden gems.

Read on to see the beautiful photos and artwork, find out about the week of bustling activity, learn more about the development of our exciting Sunday School Stories Project and how you can get involved in future engaging and skill-building workshops and events.

Photos by Izu

From the booths of our Sunday School Hall, alongside more of yet-to-be rediscovered hidden artefacts to be lovingly displayed to all as part of our Sunday School Stories archive of Union Chapel and local history, we found a dismantled Victorian stage contemporary to the 1877 chapel build.

We ceased the opportunity to invite creatives, heritage lovers, and those wanting to develop building and joinery skills in the first Sunday School Stories Workshop running 15 - 18 January 2024.

"The structure was not just a pile of old wood, it was a magical symbol of harmony that effortlessly joined us with itself in common purpose."
(Joe, Triskele - Facillitator)

Photos by Richard Burton

This kick starts our community engagement programme that will continue as we transform the Sunday School Hall later this year with crucial repairs, greater accessibility, and more space to grow with and for our community for years to come. Learn more about Sunday School Stories here.

Photographers, fine artists, audio engineers, and filmmakers gathered alongside builders, joiners, and those wanting to get stuck in to heritage construction to take apart and rebuild this beautiful vintage piece, learning the intimate details and historic methods used in the Victorian era.


“Our 1st Heritage Workshop – Building a Victorian Stage! has been a boost of positivity and enthusiasm: not only in terms of participation and attendance but also as a multidisciplinary creative experience where people bonded very nicely:  with a sense of community, team work, cooperation as well as networking in a culturally diverse environment (with people from all walks of life) while learning new skills and knowledge around heritage and Union Chapel history”
(Cristina Carrasco, Participation Manager - Sunday School Stories)


Thanks to facilitators Triskele Building & Conservation and to all that participated by sharing craft and creativity in true community spirit. We hope you'll join us again for the future of our Sunday School Stories programme.

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Made possible thanks to National Lottery Heritage Fund and National Lottery Players, as well as National Churches Trust, Friends of Union Chapel, The Wolfson Foundation, Foyle Foundation , Garfield Weston Foundation, The Clothworkers' Foundation, Benefact Trust, The Rose Foundation, Union Chapel Members, and individual donors, with thanks to the Mayor of London.

Participants have their say...

"Thank you so much for everything for the Workshop. It was so nice to see each person get ahead so quickly with what we felt was needed. Builders, Filming, Photographing Drawing, Interviewing etc."

"It was really great to be part of such an interesting project with such a varied group of people - bringing all their expertise and experience together to make it happen!"

"Thank you for allowing me to be part of this rebuilding project. I thoroughly enjoyed myself working with you and the other volunteers. Please keep me informed of future projects."

"Was such a lovely experience, I will definitely come back if any other events like this come up."

"It was a great privilege to meet so many nice people from diverse backgrounds and it was inspiring to see everyone working together."

"A really interesting few days. I enjoyed the project and it was nice meeting all the other people involved"


Discover with us...

Download a sketch of the component parts of the stage here, created by Juliet of the Friends of Union Chapel.

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