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Co-Creating Change

6 March 2022

This time the legislative debate and policy section focused on what arts organisations could implement to improve situations for staff and communities from different backgrounds.

Here, Community Leader Charlotte Watts shares her thoughts on the event and the outcomes.

What was most exciting moment from the event, and why? 

The process of having those in attendance contribute their ideas for policy change and participate in the process of deconstructing the often carefully concealed inequalities in the Arts sector was very exciting, especially as most there were working in that sector and willing to critique it. 

Another important moment was that in which an audience member highlighted during the policy making process, the fact that physical access needs are often still hugely forgotten in arts institutions and events programming. They felt it was the most neglected area of equality, diversity and inclusion considerations and I can see why from my own observations. I have witnessed only a tiny number of truly physically accessible institutions, events and festivals. This was then taken on board by the policy makers. 

I did feel however that it would have been great to see more people at the event who were not from already within arts organisations, but perhaps the local community or previous beneficiaries or participants within socially engaged or cocreated arts projects. 


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Race to Save the World | Inspired Conversations

22 April 2021

Made over five years, The Race to Save the World is a feature documentary that follows the inspiring stories of everyday people, aged 15 to 72, who are devoting their lives to fighting climate change. Encompassing protests and arrests, courtroom drama and family turmoil, the film offers an intimate portrait of the lives of these individuals as they push to create a more sustainable world, often risking their relationships, careers – and freedoms

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One Year On….

23 March 2021

A Year of the Pandemic at Union Chapel


By Michael Chandler


Prior to the pandemic, Union Chapel had been developing a strategy to become a leading ethical arts centre for all - bringing together our reputation as a well-loved venue, our services for people experiencing crisis and our community programmes. As a result of the coronavirus, however, we are moving towards that goal at substantially greater speed – both out of desire, demand and out of necessity.

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