Artist in Residence - Ayumi Konno

Creative Action Club


As part of Union Chapel's digital programme 'In Union', the Creative Action Club is a welcoming and inclusive space for people to start the thing they’ve always wanted to start, or realise a goal they’d always thought unattainable. Funded by London Funders, it’s a fun and collaborative cross between a community skill share, an art club and a side hustle incubator, but with zero pressure or judgement – just helpful support and positivity!

Our members’ goals could be anything from learning to draw or play music, discover a new language or to finally launch an online business.

Over four relaxed weekly meetups, our members set realistic goals for themselves, followed each other’s progress, and celebrated their achievements together. It’s as simple and rewarding as that.

Most recently, our Creative Action Club worked with 20 members of the community on their personal creative goals with renowned facilitator Ayumi Konno, and some members also had the opportunity to have a professional portrait photograph taken of them in action.

Our Members’ Feedback

“Just thank you for this amazing programme - it should continue! And thank you to Ayumi - she was a wonderful facilitator, and I loved the game and activity at the start of each week - so engaging and just lovely to be around. Made it easy to share and feel like part of a group very quickly.”

“Ayumi was an amazingly warm and friendly host for our sessions and helped to build a sense of camaraderie between us, and encouraged us to open up about our projects and what we wanted to do.”

How did you benefit from the project?

"Meeting new people of different ages and backgrounds, and especially with different artistic practices - from hair styling to DJ to podcasting to photography - I know nothing about these pursuits and the creative processes behind them so it was so interesting and motivating to hear how artists work across mediums, and that there's lots of similarities to my own experience."






"I got feedback on steps I'd taken for my project and other work I've created and shared, the group helped to hold me accountable for my goals but were also supportive and understanding of when I didn't/wasn't able to."

"I think anything that can help strengthen the community and get people doing stuff together locally is good."











































We are working on delivering a paid workshop to share our members’ new skills and achievements with the wider Union Chapel community.

Please get in touch with [email protected] if you would like to hear more about our creative empowerment programme for the community.