Artist in Residence - Katy Rubin

Katy Rubin is an artist and facilitator working towards joyful, creative, participatory democracy. She is founder and former executive director of Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, a nonprofit organization that partners with communities facing discrimination to spark transformative action through theatre.

TONYC has developed and popularized the practice of Legislative Theatre in the United States since 2013, bringing together elected officials, advocates, and communities experiencing injustice, and impacting legislation and institutional policy in NYC.

Katy is currently collaborating with local governments and grassroots groups to implement Legislative Theatre practices throughout the UK. She trained with Augusto Boal at the Center for Theatre of the Oppressed—Rio de Janeiro, and holds a BFA from the Boston University School of Theater. 

Katy will be delivering our new Community Creative Leadership Training programme – paid facilitation and leader training for people from communities hardest hit by the pandemic, supporting our community to share stories and identify changes needed – and then take these to people in power, to make real change.

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