Creative Empowerment For Our Community

Last year, we offered a range of online digital projects, a creative and empowering programme of creativity, heritage, sharing stories, social change and practical skills for people from all backgrounds. 


YourStory: a digital record of life under lockdown

People shared experiences of their year.  

Share your experiences of the last year, hear and read others, and be part of our wider community highlighting our communal stories of the year that was 2020 – reflecting how we changed, what was hard, what we learnt, and what needs to change for the future.

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Somewhere -  A Brief History of Rainbows 

Digital artist in residence Guillaume Vandame's work will showcase a range of community voices. "Somewhere" will be a series of unique responses from members of the community gathered via an open call for crowd-sourced content related to the rainbow what it represents to people from all backgrounds.

The content will be used to create a short film 'Somewhere/A Brief History of Rainbows' which will be showcased on Union Chapel's digital channel. 

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Creative Action Club

Want to learn or achieve something creative or practical? Want to get round to that thing in lockdown 2 you didn’t get round to first time round? Join digital artist in residence Ayumi Konno for 4 weekly motivation sessions, to help you identify your goals and work towards them, as part of a supportive community.


Community Creative Leadership Training programme

And then in the new year, we look to the future - join our new Community Creative Leadership Training programme – paid facilitation and leader training for people from communities hardest hit by the pandemic, supporting you to share stories and identify changes needed – and then take these to people in power, to make real change.

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