Justice in the Bible

Tuesdays at 7pm via Zoom. June 11th - July 16th.

Zoom link here.


This series will summarise a long season in Union Chapel's ministries. For the past few years at Union Chapel, everything we have done has led back to the questions of what is just or unjust, and what role faith plays in building a more just society. We will look at various texts and ask many questions to try and get some semblance of an answer to important questions around justice, and the person of Jesus Christ.


June 11th
Justice – God’s nature and gift


June 18th
Environmental Justice and the theology of creation


June 25th
Economic Justice and the denunciation of the Prophets


July 2nd
Political Justice and the early church


July 9th
Social Justice in the kingdom of God


July 16th
Justice and Christian mission