Our Church Covenant

Our Church Covenant

Union Chapel Church Covenant

As a community of disciples of Jesus, we are grateful to God for guiding us as a church in the past.  We have confidence in God’s grace and commit ourselves to moving forward in our journey of faith together:

We covenant with each other and with God to:


To God through prayer and worship;

To each other to support and strengthen;

To the community and the world, to discern God’s mission.

Be Christ-like

By being charitable, welcoming, faithful, hopeful and joyful;

By living Christ’s Way through our life as a community;

Proclaiming the Gospel hope in troubled times.

Be passionate and active

For God’s kingdom of justice and peace;

In making restitution for the wrongs of past generations;

In caring for our planet and all its inhabitants.

Live on the edge

By valuing our radical nonconformity and being willing to try new things;

By being a prophetic voice in a time of uncertainty and change;

By reaching out beyond our own circles of relationship with Good News.

Embrace our diversity within community

Through conversations with each other to discover more of our common bonds of faith;

By moving outside our comfort zones to learn from others

Being conscious of barriers we have inherited and which we create.

Be creative

Expanding our musical and cultural heritage in liturgy;

Exploring new ways of communicating our story to the wider world;

Making creative spaces and platforms where communities can raise their voices and express themselves in music, poetry, dance, acting, and art.

Commit ourselves to grow as a church

Through our mutual participation in the life of the church;

Through articulating and sharing our story with others;

Positively promoting an inclusive, welcoming culture.