Mark's Gospel Study

Every Tuesday, Jan 16th - Feb 13th, 7pm

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January 16th 7pm
Mark as People’s History

Mark wrote his Gospel at a particular historical moment.  He did so in a tumultuous, revolutionary time of a popular uprising against the Roman occupation. We will examine how what was happening at the time informs Mark’s telling of the life and death of Jesus.


January 23rd 7pm
Power and authority in Mark

Mark begins his Gospel by explicitly calling Jesus the Son of God. As his story unfolds the character of Jesus is revealed.  His claims for Jesus are bold and dangerous.  We will explore how Mark understands the authority of Jesus and how his story gradually reveals Jesus’ true nature.


January 30th 7pm
Empowered women in Mark

Mark’s narrative is composed of interacting plots and sub-plots.  One of these recounts the role of women in the unfolding story. We will explore their role in the Gospel and two particularly strong women.


February 6th 7pm
Mark and Israel’s traditions

Mark was writing as a Jew during a time of upheaval in Israel.  We will explore how Mark draws in his own tradition and the conflict which Jesus experienced with the prevailing authorities.


February 13th 7pm
Apocalypse and crucifixion and resurrection

For our final session we will explore how Mark constructs the story of the passion of Jesus beginning with the so called ‘Marcan Apocalypse’ of chapter 13, the passion narrative, and the strange inconclusive ending of the original text.