Secret Believers: How People of Faith Survive under Oppression in Iran

Wednesday 28th February at Union Chapel,

18:30 doors, 19:00 start,

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People of faith are part of communities which go beyond ethnicity and borders. Most asylum seekers in the UK are people of faith, including Christians escaping religious persecution in Iran. The way in which our government responds to people who need to come to our shores seeking safety is nothing short of deplorable.

Rev. Robert Aserian from Pars Theological Centre and Mansour Borji from Article 18 will talk about the situation for Persian Christians in Iran, who are not able to openly practice their faith in their home country, and what this means for those who wish to advocate human rights in our world.

Mansour Borji is a world expert on the persecution of Christians in Iran. He is the advocacy director of Article 18, which aims to support Iran’s persecuted Christians through documentation, advocacy, research, training, and support.

Rev. Robert Aserian is director of formation at Pars Theological Centre, and director of Epiphany Christian Arts. He knows the church of Iran well, being a reverend and working on training pastors to serve in the church of Iran.

We will also hear poetry from Iranian poet Iraj Valizadeh, who runs our Margins Kitchen here at Union Chapel.

We will not be allowing filming or photography at this event.