Sunday, October 24th 11.00am - Black History Month Service

Sunday October 24th 11.00am

Black History Month Service

Sunday Worship this Sunday will focus on Black History Month as a celebration of the faith, resilience and journey toward freedom.  It is a moment to confess the sins of the church and to celebrate the deep faith discovered in adversity.

With Music from Union Chapel Voices

Union Chapel Voices Musical Director:  Luyanda Jezile

Preacher: Rev. Augustine Tanner-Ihm

Union Chapel Voices are a unique group of singers performing Gospel Music in our iconic church.  Beginning with the sound of Gospel’s African roots the singers move effortlessly into a contemporary mode. Made up of talented solo singers who blend into a fresh and dynamic sound. They bring an exciting new dimension to worship in Union Chapel.

Augustine Tanner-Ihm is a Doctoral Student in Transformational and Cultural Leadership and Practical Theology at Bakke Graduate University based in Dallas, Texas.  He is also the Assistant Curate and Student, Mission and Outreach Director at St. James and Emmanuel Didsbury in Manchester.

Augustus is a charismatic Afro-American educator, theologian, pastor, activist, leader, mentor, trustee, presenter, speaker, and missiologist based in the United Kingdom. He has spoken at the Stonewall National Workplace Conference, Pride, and Glory Festival Manchester, The Durham Union, BBC Breakfast, Church of England General Synod, UK Houses of Parliament, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 4, BBC Songs of Praise, and Channel 5. He has written articles in the Church Times, The Moody Standard, and The Church of England Newspaper. 

He has read degrees in Education and Theology from Moody Bible Institute, Northwestern University, Iowa State University, St. Mellitus College, Sarum College, and the University of Durham.