The Unknowns: Echoes of Hope

Thursday 11th April 2024, at Union Chapel

7:30pm-10pm (doors open 7:30pm, gig starts at 8pm).

Tickets are ‘Pay What You Can’, so that everyone is able to attend.

Ticket options: £4, £6, or £8 - Book here


Hear Me Out are proud to announce the debut gig for The Unknowns.

The Unknowns are a multi-linguistic talented band who fuse musical styles from the Middle East, to Europe, and Africa. Their songs speak about their homeland, family and hopes for the future. A not to be missed band who will leave your heart aching. From the beautiful love song performed by the majestic Aksa who sings of her homeland. The Unknowns will leave you spellbound as the band take you on a journey transcending different languages and countries.

Come along and see The Unknowns play live at Union Chapel, an architectural treasure and charity drop-in centre in Islington, where the band will launch their first EP: Echoes of Hope.

The Unknowns are musicians who met in 2022 in an asylum hotel in central London. It was during weekly music workshops at the hotel, run by charity Hear Me Out, that the group met and formed a band. Working with Hear Me Out’s artists Anna De Mutiis and Shammi Pithia, the band now rehearse and perform together. Today they launch their first EP titled ‘Echoes of Hope’.

One of the band members, Kidu, recalls finding the band in his time of need. “Honestly speaking. I was desperate, I knew no one. Besides the music I had no one. Then I found people at this time.”

Another band member, Aksa, chose the the name ‘The Unknowns’ for the reason that “there are a lot of talented people out there who are unknown, as we are now”.

The band say that when they come together to create music, they are living in the moment and don’t think about anything else. They feel it’s important that in the future people seeking asylum in the UK will be able to listen to their music and feel hope.

“It is the power of unity that brought us together from all around the world and now we have the opportunity to shout it loud and sing to others” - Navid.

Listen to The Unknowns’ music here.


Meet the band members

· Aksa - Vocalist and lyricist from Kosovo

· Anna – Drummer (Hear Me Out Artist)

· Ardavan - Guitarist, vocalist and lyricist from Iran

· Ehsan – Cajon player and rapper from Iran

· Esmaeil – Percussionist from Iran

· Kidu – Drummer from Ethiopia

· Kwaku – Vocalist and keyboard player from Ghana

· Navid - Vocalist, guitarist, flutist and lyricist from Iran

· Shammi – keyboard player (Hear Me Out artist)


Hear Me Out will provide free tickets and transport to/from the venue for anyone who is currently seeking asylum in the UK. Please email Max at [email protected] to arrange this with us.