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World on Fire – the Bible and Ecology


‘The Lord is good to all and he has compassion over all that he has made.’ - Psalm 145.9

Tuesdays – 7.00pm - 8.00pm on Zoom

The Bible is not a scientific text book.  However, the writers, and the first readers and hearers of the Bible lived with nature, caring for flocks, sowing seed, managing water supplies and irrigation, developing adaptation strategies to cope with natural disasters. 

In these four sessions, we will explore passages in the Bible which tell of an ancient society coping with scarcity and plenty and how they understood the activity of God through their connection to the natural world.

The Bible is an important source book for anyone concerned about climate change not because it tells us how physical nature works but how human nature functions in relation to our habitat.

Whilst we are dependent upon scientists to find ways out of the climate crisis, we also need a change in human behaviour.  There are deep and important ethical questions at play and we can turn to the Bible to help us think these through.

Does the Bible restore our hope in the future of the planet?                                        

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