Church Pastor reports Bank Account Frozen

Church Pastor reports Bank Account Frozen

In what has been described as a political move, the Good Neighbour North District Church in Hong Kong report that their bank account has been frozen by HSBC. They believe it to be a response to the Church's assistance to young protestors railing against Beijing’s anti-democratic advances. 

A young Christian, Joshua Wong, along with other activists has recently been imprisoned by the authorities in Hong Kong. These events heighten our awareness of the bravery and determination of Christians and many others in Hong Kong to have a democratic say in their future.

Union Chapel Church hosted a webinar in which we heard of the role of the church in defence of human rights in Hong Kong which is well worth revisiting in the light of recent events.

Human Rights matter for Christians as they express the imperative of love in the public sphere. We offer our solidarity, prayers and whatever support we can offer.

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