George Westren

George Westren

George Westren, 1947-2021

George Westren was an artist who attended art classes pre-pandemic at Union Chapel, headed by Ten Feet Away. His craft helped him to escape 30 years of poverty and addiction, a craft he'd begun after seeing the works of Bridget Riley and becoming inspired by them. 

He passed away in isolation during the pandemic.

His works are now on display a the Saatchi Gallery as part of 'George Westren: On the Straight and Narrow' until 25th January. Some of his works can also be found displayed in various parts of Union Chapel.

His works are ink on paper / canvas. They are characterised by an exactitude in their attention to form, ratio and balance. The works are by and large crafted from straight lines forming geometric shapes. The pieces have a hypnotic quality to them, which if stared at for long enough, may appear to move and change before your very eyes.

"I remember George as a quiet, unassuming person. I always felt that there was something deep in his gentleness. I am both joyful and sad that his work is being recognised. Joyful because he deserves it, and sad because he's not here to see it." - Rev Vaughan Jones.


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