Tigray update

Tigray update

12 African civil society groups have written to the UN Secretary General calling on him to learn from the lessons from Rwanda to act against genocide in Tigray. Among the group’s requests are ‘immediate and unimpeded humanitarian access’, ‘an arms embargo on all parties to the conflict’, and ‘accountability for those responsible for the most serious violations committed over the last 16 months’.

The full letter can be read here: http://atrocitieswatch.org/african-civil-societys-letter-united-nations-security-council-ongoing-situation-ethiopia/

In the week 10th-16th May 319 trucks brought aid to Tigray. This is the highest number since June 2021, though much more is needed. OCHA has shared that since the start of April, around 15,500 metric tons of food aid have been distributed in Tigray, but at least 68,000 metric tons more are still needed.

More on the aid situation here: https://www.unocha.org/story/daily-noon-briefing-highlights-ukraine-syria-sahel-ethiopia

Meanwhile hospitals are still experiencing a severe shortage of medicine, with one doctor reporting their ‘pharmaceutical stock status is 16.3% at the moment’. Doctors are resorting to using expired medication while some cancer patients are being sent home as there is not treatment available for them.

More on the medical situation here: https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2022/may/25/i-saw-an-oncologist-cry-tigray-cancer-patients-sent-home-to-die-for-lack-of-drugs

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