Tigray Update July 2022

Tigray Update July 2022

As the humanitarian truce holds, aid is continuing to reach people in Tigray.

The UN estimates that 100 trucks a day are necessary to meet the huge need, but the global shortage of fuel due to the war in Ukraine is threatening the ability to deliver this aid. Read more here.

A UN agency has been commissioned by the Ethiopian government to rebuild some of the destroyed infrastructure in Tigray. The project, using funding from the World Bank, will focus on providing essential services and supporting victims of gender-based violence. Read more here.

The first meeting by a group organised by the Ethiopian government to explore peace negotiations with Tigrayan rebels has taken place. The group hope that any peace talks will take place through the African Union, while the TPLF are calling for talks to be mediated by the Kenyan President. Read more here.

For further information on the current situation see the latest executive summary by OCHA.

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