Action and Prayer

Action and Prayer

“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”

Martin Luther-King

As a church, we are aware of many issues that affect our immediate community and those beyond which require both action and prayer. On this page, we post suggestions for actions that we can take as individuals and as a congregation. 

We also make suggestions for your prayers so that as a praying community, we may walk in solidarity with all who need us to care about them and raise awareness of the challenges they may be facing.

LGBT History Month

We confess the sins of the Church in its treatment of LGBT people.

We give thanks for the ministry of LGBT leaders in the Church.

We pray for all Christians who make their home in the Church.

We pray for all who are being mistreated by the Church today.

A prayer for healing

Holy Spirit, drive away from me all forms of sickness and disease.
restore strength to my body and joy to my spirit,
so that in my renewed health,
I may bless and serve you,
now and forevermore.

Suggestions for prayer

Pray for the United States of America, for the rooting out of racism and the healing of division through a renewed commitment to democracy, peace with justice.

All who are working in the care and health sectors, especially those caring for people with Covid-19.

For students, teachers and parents.

For all who live precarious lives with fear of unemployment or the threat of homelessness.

For all refugees and those who live in conflict.


'It's better than worrying about the state of the world' - Guardian article with some great ideas for involving yourself in civil society.



Tina Jegede, Nurse Lead for Islington's Care Homes, explains why we must all continue to take steps to protect ourselves from Covid-19 this winter.

Union Chapel Margins Project

Thank you to all who donated gifts for the Margins Projects' Christmas takeaway.

Hong Kong

The situation in Hong Kong remains very difficult for those who believe in democracy.  As a church rooted in democratic principles we pray for all who seek self-determination in Hong Kong.

Please pray for Joshua Wong and other activists imprisoned in Hong Kong.

You can write a letter of support to Joshua Wong at this address:

Po Box 73962 Kowloon Central Post Office 405 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

Eritrea and Tigray

There are reports of abduction of Eritrean refugees from Tigray by Eritrean soldiers who are fighting along the Ethiopian government against the TPLF regional government.  100,000 Eritrean refugees are in Tigray with supply routes for food and resources cut off.

Please consider signing this petition.

Please pray for Eritrean refugees here in the UK and also refugees in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan and the Tigray province.  Pray for peace.

Some important historic sites in the Tigray province of Ethiopia are threatened by the military action taking place there.  You can add your voice by signing the petition.

Save Tigray's heritage sites

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