Faith in Hong Kong

Faith in Hong Kong

Faith in Hong Kong

The sacrifices of many people in Hong Kong, especially the young as we have witnessed in news reporting has been truly inspirational.  We are aware that the situation is critical, and many people are taking significant personal risk. Within the democracy movement there has been the participation of committed Christians and church leaders.

When we witness the bravery and integrity, we rightly ask what we can do to lend support and amplify the voices of Hong Kong democrats and human rights advocates through churches.

Union Chapel Church invites you to listen to a recent webinar which will:

Deepen our understanding of the current situation in Hong Kong;

Explore the responsibilities of churches toward those actively involved in determining a new future for Hong Kong; and

Identify actions which can be taken in support of the movement for democracy there.


Keynote Speakers:

Ray Wong:                           Hong Kong Indigenous

Samuel Chu:                        Director, Hong Kong Democracy Council

Benedict Rogers:                Co-founder and Chief Executive, Hong Kong Watch

Moderator:                           Bethan Lant – Praxis

The meeting concludes with practical suggestions for future action, with Krish Kandiah sharing his work supporting Hong Kong refugees.

Union Chapel Church is grateful to Hong Kong Watch for their support in the organising of this webinar.

The views expressed in this webinar are those of the speakers, to whom we are grateful, and are not a formal position of Union Chapel.

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