Thu 7 Jul 2022 - 7:00pm

Milton Nascimento bids farewell to the big stage with the tour entitled “One final music session” in what promises to be a moving moment and in which the magical cycle of one of the Brazilian music greats is brought to a close in majestic fashion.

A celebration of the memories of all those inspirational years that had a profound impact on both Brazilian and World Music alike. It may seem like a journey is coming to an end, but it is better interpreted as a beautiful coming together in the meeting of Milton and his fans.

With his light, delicate step, Milton reached heights that were thought impossible. He sung openly about life experience and announced new beginnings with songs that have continuously renewed themselves.

In a year that he turns 80 years old, in yet another very difficult moment in the history of Brazil, Milton once again brings a thread of hope. In the words of his son and musical director, Augusto Nascimento:

Unlike what it may appear to be, this isn’t a farewell, but rather a celebration of Milton’s life story. The closing of a beautiful cycle that my father lived, and lives, in the realm of music. It is the meeting of one of the greatest artists ever, with his art form and his audience. The fruits of a relationship of love and affection built up over 60 years”.


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