A Film About Our Heritage

A Film About Our Heritage


We want to tell the story of the non-conformist heritage of Union Chapel, its political influence, what it meant to be marginalised then, what it means to be marginalised, ‘nonconformist’ and a dissenter today, and how Union Chapel hopes to explore that with our communities through our music, archive, social and built heritage. 


Films about our Conservation

With these films we want to make more people aware of the importance of the use of traditional materials and techniques when repairing old buildings. But also give testimonies on the impact the heritage and conservation has on people well being and on sustainability in general. We want to show how rewarding and interesting the world of conservation can be and introduce a more diverse public to this field to help us preserve our tangible and intangible heritage.

Films about our Heritage

Heritage has many values including sustainability, the economy, our wellbeing and sense of pace.

We learn how our non-conformist heritage and culture helped to build a sustainable organisation and how we are transforming our “modo operandi” while remaining a sustainable organisation within our non-conformist culture and heritage.