Roses of Union Chapel

Roses of Union Chapel

The iconic rose design is weaved throughout our Grade I & II* listed Victorian Gothic buildings, from tiles that wrap our rooms to the iconic window that towers over gigs and services alike. Look out for the below on your next visit

East Window

Prodbably the most well-known and beloved archiectural takeaway from those who enter our chapel is the wheel window that sits above the pulpit and stage. Designed by stain glass maker Frederick Drake from Exeter, each petal features a musical instrument from the old testament, shining dramatically in both sunlight and illumination by our lighting tech team for live events to take on a huge variety of atmospheric guises. 

Watch our video on the conservation works of the East Window here


West Window & Commemorative Panel

The first roses you see upon visiting welcome at the entrance with the West Window sitting above our terrace doors and the commemtorative panel to the side


Chapel Tiled Dado & Upper Hall Bar Purlin

The rose motif continues once you enter the chapel with the tiled dado that runs above wall timber board.

Head to the upper hall bar and café to spot another hidden rose gems stenciled in the purlins. 


Communion Table, Pulpit, & Parapet Marble Panels 

Flower shapes continue to flow throughout Union Chapel, including centre stage with these items still made of their original materials. 

We hope these details heighten your next visit to us. Watch how Victorian architect James Cubitt tied the iconic rose design throughout in our video here, learn more about our heritage, conservation, and archectirue on our dedicated pages here, and feel free to contact our heritage team at [email protected]


Photo credits:
Wheel window 1 by Zak Walters / 2 by James Bridle / 3 by Kenji Takahashi
Exterior by Daniela Sbrisny
Pulpit by Patrick Rogers